What Family Dentistry Can Do for Your Household
By Michael E. Huguet DDS
January 09, 2020
Category: Family Dentistry
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Our family dentist can offer every member of your family the care they need.

Just as you need to turn to a regular doctor once a year for care you also need to turn to a dentist who can check your oral health twice a year. So much can change over the course of six months, and by visiting our Pleasant Hill, CA, family dentists regularly for care you can prevent dental issues from happening to you, your partner and your children.

Why choose a family dentist?

Our family dentists are able to provide individualized care and treatment to everyone from toddlers and children to adults and seniors. We have the knowledge necessary to treat a wide range of issues and offer preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Now you don’t have to turn to multiple dentists throughout Pleasant Hill, CA, just to ensure that everyone in your family gets routine cleanings and checkups.

We are one of East Bay’s premier dental practices, providing customized care and patient education to ensure that each patient is properly brushing, flossing and caring for their teeth and gums. Whether you have questions about caring for your child’s newly-erupted teeth, you want to discuss whether your teen needs braces or you just want to keep up with your six-month cleanings, we offer everything right here in our office so you don’t have to go elsewhere.

Here are some of the benefits of turning to our team of family dentists,

  • Every member of your family can get their dental needs met from one dentist instead of having to see separate dentists. This saves patients time and money.
  • You show your kids the importance of dental care and that seeing the dentist is no big deal. We also pride ourselves on making sure that your kids get gentle, understanding and friendly care that makes them happy to come into our office.
  • We keep track of you and your family’s dental history so that we can map out preventive measures we can take to reduce your risk for certain conditions that you or a family member may be predisposed to.
  • We really get to know your family. You aren’t just another number when you walk through our doors. A strong rapport with your dentist means that coming to the office for care isn’t just easy it’s a no-brainer.

Have questions about the dental services we offer to patients living in and around Pleasant Hill, CA? Ready to schedule cleanings for the whole family? Whatever you need our dental team is here to help. Call us today at (925) 945-6204.